Oliver Cromwell

Bust of Oliver Cromwell by Louis-François Roubiliac.

Above: Bust of Oliver Cromwell by Louis-François Roubiliac (detail) © Trustees of the British Museum.

10 Cromwell Facts

21 - Cromwell's age at the time he married, 2 years younger than his wife Elizabeth Bourchier.

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9 - the number of children born to Cromwell and Elizabeth; 5 sons and 4 daughters.

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8 years - the time it took Cromwell to rise from a man with no military experience to the position of commander-in-chief of the parliamentary army.

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23 October 1642 - the date of the first major engagement of the English Civil War, at the Battle of Edge Hill.

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85,000 - the estimated number of people made homeless by the English Civil War.

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3,400 - the approximate number of Irish defenders killed after the Siege of Drogheda.

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59 - the number of signatories of Charles I's death warrant.

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£6 million - the equivalent budget for Cromwell's state funeral in current money.

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28 years - the estimated time that Cromwell's severed head remained on display upon a spike on the roof of Westminster Hall.

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299 - the number of years after his posthumous execution that Cromwell's head was reburied, in a secret ceremony at Sidney Sussex, Cambridge.

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